Company Overview

  • Anti-Microbial resistance is a present danger and a growing global problem in health care. IOTEX Products have never encountered any AMR’s.
  • IOTEX Products are based on nearly 30 years experience in water purification, using modified NASA technology.
  • IOTEX Anti-Infection products eliminate pathogenic bacteria and viruses from a wide range of situations, eg., human and animal wounds, hospital surfaces, farming environments, fish farms, water purification systems.

Product Development

PROBLEM: Non-healing Wounds
SOLUTION: IOTEX Anti-Infection Bandage Seals & Heals. Used in Haiti after the earthquake. Updated and lab. tested Nov 2017

PROBLEM: Diabetic ulcers, sores and burn victim infections
SOLUTION 1: IOTEX Bubbler is a penetrating antibiotic wash system which causes no additional pain. Patented 2008.
SOLUTION 2: IOTEX Wound Treatment which can be applied and removed without touching the wound.

PROBLEM: Respiratory infections.
SOLUTION: IOTEX Vapor to treat pneumonia, influenza and perhaps tuberculosis.

PROBLEM: The common cold
SOLUTION: IOTEX Spray Pen-hand & face sanitizer, can also be used as a mouth and nose spray to prevent the spread of the rhinovirus.

PROBLEM: Cancer Chemo. Resistance
SOLUTION: An IOTEX Injectable may make some solid cancers vulnerable to current chemotherapies.


  • To create its products, IOTEX has adapted and modified an inorganic chemistry technology that was originally developed for NASA in the 1970’s.
  • IOTEX prevents the spread of infections without using antibiotics, effectively and safely and at a lower cost than antibiotics.
  • IOTEX technology does not contribute to the development of antibiotic microbial resistance. (AMR)
  • Clinicians have consistently requested to try IOTEX products.

Business Revenu Model

  • Continuous sales of medical/therapeutic products for human and veterinary use so that IOTEX becomes synonymous with eliminating infections.
  • Sale of large anti-infection devices to agriculture and aquaculture, which will require the ongoing purchase of active ingredients.
  • The Spray Pen - a topical sanitizer for consumer use.